Delay Aging Food

delay aging food

In the youth, you may not have noticed a health problem yet. Most teenagers or young people usually still eat recklessly plus do not live a healthy lifestyle. However, once you enter the age of adulthood, you are more susceptible to health disorders due to aging. To prevent various illnesses or health problems in old age, you can start living a balanced lifestyle and diet. Certain types of foodstuffs have anti-aging efficacy that can make aging process healthier and natural. Read on to find out which anti-aging foods are good for a healthy and natural aging process. Although age is increasing, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer appear bright and fit.

Because Universe has provided various food ingredients that are able to treat the youth of the body. It's a good idea to have your 30s start noticing the food plus drinks you consume for the healthy plus natural aging process. Check out the following kinds of anti-aging foods.

1. Avocado


This delicious fruit turns out to be very nutritious to prevent premature aging. The content of unsaturated fats and fibers in avocado is good for maintaining cardiovascular health as well as preventing cancer. Routinely eating avocado will help lower your cholesterol. In addition, avocado is also rich in vitamin E that stimulates collagen production to keep skin supple and brighter, away from wrinkles.

2. Pomegranate


No need to worry about wrinkled skin and the appearance of fine lines on the face if you often eat red pomegranate fruit. The polyphenols contained in this fruit are capable of combating free radicals and high vitamin C capable of protecting the skin from sunburn. Meanwhile, punicalagin compounds will help the body save collagen and maintain the health of skin tissues.

3. Blueberry, Raspberry, blackberry

berries family

Besides taste delicious, this fruit can also help rejuvenate the body because of the high antioxidant content. Antioxidants will fight free radicals that attack you through pollution, sunlight, and a variety of hazardous chemical substances. In addition, the various vitamins and nutrients found in these fruits are potent to prevent cell damage in the body.

4. Watermelon


The high content of vitamins A, C and E in watermelon makes this fruit effective to prevent wrinkled skin. Not only caring for the skin, watermelon can be the answer to the sexual problems of couples who are through the aging process. This fruit contains amino acids that can improve blood circulation by widening blood vessels. This function is very useful for those of you who have difficulty achieving an erection or ejaculation due to age.

5. Beans


Various types of nuts such as red beans, almonds, peanuts, and cashew nuts are a great choice to prevent premature aging. Nuts are rich in proteins, fibers, and omega-3 but are free of saturated fats. To keep your brain functioning and fight free radicals, replace your salty snacks so the nuts are healthier.

6. Mushrooms


Mushrooms are rich in a variety of minerals such as potassium and selenium that are efficacious to prevent premature aging, especially on your brain nerves. In addition, fungi also serve as an anticancer thanks to its killing ability as well as repairing damaged body cells. To prevent various ailments, fungi can also encourage your immune system to fight different types of viruses and bacteria.

7. Spinach


This kind of dark green vegetables, especially spinach, has a myriad of benefits to keep the youth of the body. The content of phytonutrients in this vegetable will help protect the skin from the sun's UV rays. Spinach is also rich in beta-carotene and xanthophyll which is effective for preserving the elasticity and natural moisture of the skin.

8. Fish


Fish that live in cold-temperature water such as salmon and sardines are potent to prevent heart disease and stroke thanks to the content of omega-3 fatty acids. You can also keep the skin's youth as the fish can strengthen the cell membranes in the skin. Your skin is always moist and gentle even though it has grown in age.

9. Chocolate


Try to choose a bitter chocolate or dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate or white chocolate containing a variety of additional ingredients such as sugar and fat. This one healthy snack is rich in antioxidants. You also no longer need to feel guilty if you want to do something. Because, eating chocolate turns out to be youthful.

10. Yoghurt's


As you grow older, your bone density will diminish. To get around it, you can consume yoghurt that is low-fat and sugar-free routinely. Yoghurt is rich in calcium and various essential nutrients that the body needs to stay fit in old age.

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