5 Benefit From Sugar Detox

by Linda Hallman

One of the most common types of foodstuffs we consume is sugar. Not only used as extra drink to make it sweeter, sugar is also used as a mixture of several types of food such as cakes, breads, etc. The problem is, the habit of consuming sugar in many quantities can give a bad impact to the health of the body.

Some things to keep in mind when doing a sugar detox is if we immediately drop the sugar intake suddenly, it will make us experience difficulties. We're more advised to lower the levels little by little for the body to adapt to a reduced daily sugar intake.


Do this detox as a way to lower your daily sugar intake. As information, it is good to limit the maximum sugar intake 50 grams. The problem is that sometimes we don't take into account how much daily sugar intake we consume. For example, if we consume bottled tea in mini market, it can get sugar up to 15-20 grams.

Not only does it decrease the intake of sugar we commonly mix on drinks or cooking, we can also lower the intake of sugar from some additional ingredients such as the sauce is unconsciously high in sugar content, syrup, sweets, and like. We should also start lowering sugar intake of high foods such as cakes, sweets, biscuits, and other snacks replace them with fresh fruit. Although the fruit also has a natural sugar content, the presence of fiber in it can prevent blood sugar levels increase. It will also make calorie intake more awake.

By observing these things, we will also be able to do a sugar detox in order to provide a significant health benefit to the body. The benefits of lowering sugar intake, there are several health benefits that we can get if we want to lower the intake of sugar.

Making Younger Appearances

minimalist from aging

Consuming excessive sugar can make the amount of collagen and elastics in the skin decline drastically. In fact, these two types of proteins have a big role for skin health conditions.


By lowering sugar intake, collagen and elastics levels will improve and make the skin more fresh, beautiful and youthful. This impact can be felt after we have lowered the sugar intake for 14 days.

Lose Weight


Without realizing it, lowering the intake of sugar can make us help lose weight, especially in making the fat stacks in the body decreases. This is due to reduced calorie intake so that the body is looking for other energy sources, which are piles of fat in the body.

Not Easy to Fall Sick

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Sugar can cause inflammation that may affect the body that is easier to ache. By lowering the intake of sugar, inflammation will occur less frequently so that we will not be easily exposed to problems such as cough and cold.

Preventing Diabetes

prevent diabetes

One of the main causes of increased risk of diabetes is excessive consumption of sugar. By lowering sugar intake, the risk of the disease can be significantly reduced. It will also make the pancreatic function increasingly improved which affect the control of better blood sugar levels.

Sleep Well

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Lowering the intake of sugar can affect the reduced risk of stress that is affected by a much better sleep. It will certainly make us more fit.

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