5 Fat Thresher Ingredients

by Linda Hallman

5 fat thresher ingredients

Have you ever known that these 5 kitchen ingredients are very potent to remove stubborn fat in our body? And remove fat mass in our hidden body.

fat remover

Imagine, if liposuction is costing you up to hundreds of millions. But when you know that this kitchen seasoning precisely overcome all your fat. Your skin's bonus is much brighter and your digestion becomes more awake.

Let's see,

1. Lemon, turmeric, and honey

These three ingredients are believed to burn a fairly stubborn body fat but don't make digestion weak. Even the effect can also be to your skin. In addition to slim, the skin also becomes cleaner because of lemon as a fat crusher, turmeric cleans toxins from the body plus lightens the skin, as well as honey that enhances the body's immune system. Many benefits, right?

the body immune system


1 lemon, Slice

1/2 Lemon, Squeeze

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tbsp honey

A glass of warm water

How to make:

Put lemon slices into a glass of warm water, followed by lemon juice

Add turmeric powder, stir until flat until nothing is lumpy

Pour honey and stir until blended

This recipe is taken every morning when the stomach is still empty or hasn't been breakfast.

2. Lemon, ginger, and honey

The second is just replacing turmeric with ginger. Using ginger as a natural healthy drink recipe that can reduce fat mass in the body. The benefits of ginger among others is to help the detoxification process and prevent skin diseases, overcoming digestive problems. For diet, Ginger can give a feeling of satiety longer.

lemon,ginger,and honey


1 finger Ginger

1 lemon

1 tbsp honey

A glass of water

How to make:


Sliced or Mashing ginger, boiled in a glass of water

Let stand until warm, then heat the lemon water and give honey

Still the same, drink every morning in an empty stomach.

3. Honey and lime

This third recipe is simpler. Do each morning in an empty stomach. The function of drinking this recipe when the stomach is not filled anything is to detox the intestines from food leftovers overnight or yesterday. So, the intestines are always clean plus surely the whole body will have a good impact too.

honey and lemon


1/2 Lime Fruit

2 tbsp honey

A glass of warm water

How to make:

Dissolve lime juice with a glass of warm water, then drink in warm condition. But if not too strong with the acid, add honey.

So how?

Could you try the recipe above? Remember yes, drink it after waking up the morning and before breakfast consumption.

After the new 1hour can be breakfast and exercise greatly help this detox performance and get the ideal body. Keep eating patterns yes guys

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