8 Japanese Womens Slim Diet Recipe

by Linda Hallman

Japanese womens

In general, the diet that is done by Japanese women is very easy and healthy. They aren’t a strict diet to keep the shape of his body, yet they have a good eating habit so that it can help maintain their ideal body weight. With this though the Japanese women are not running their diet programs keep slim and healthy.

Well, for those of you who are curious about the secrets Slim Japanese women so have a slim body, healthy and long life. Here we will be reviewing how slim Japanese women are worth for you to emulate to have a natural slim body without a painful diet. Right away is he 8 secrets and simple Diet recipes of Japanese women Ala Slim and healthy worthy for example.

Secret 1, daily food Menu

daily food menu

To get a beautiful slim body, Japanese women always keep their diet. Especially in the daily dining Menu that they consume. Some foods that are believed to be able to keep the body slim Japanese women are soy, fish, vegetables, fruit plus red rice. Classic Japanese dishes such as a bowl of rice, vegetables, a portion of miso soup, grilled fish plus desserts such as a piece of fruit still survive until now.

Instead of consuming meat, Japanese women prefer to consume fish. So, the level of fish consumption in Japan is very high. Besides fish, they also really like the healthy vegetables. such as Indonesian vegetables, cabbage, bean sprouts, broccoli, plus seaweed.

However, Japanese people sometimes enjoy meat for the interlude of the days. But the presentation is very unique that the meat is processed in a very thin form plus with a healthy cooking. Portions of meat consumed also only as necessary and not excessive as the people of Indonesia. And the most secret of the slim body shape of Japanese women is they don’t like the fast food. As for cheese, pasta and milk they keep consumption, but not too much.

Secret 2, eating small portions

eating small portions

The secrets of Slim and the Japanese women's Diet recipe next is they always arrange the portion of the meal after arranging the kinds of food. Small portions are often an important choice by Japanese women. Most Japanese women always stop eating when 80% feel full. So, the point they don’t eat until full or even too full.

The secret of slim Japanese women who rarely know the next thing is they always chew the food slowly. They always enjoy every bribery of food that enters the mouth in relaxed, comfortable and no-rush conditions. It’s necessary to you as an example of the secret slim Japanese woman. Because you're only required to enjoy the food slowly, more or less 30 times the chewing. Easy isn't it?

3 Secrets, Japanese food more boiled plus steamed

only boiled or steamed

Japanese people don’t cultivate their food in a heavy way or by using complete spices such as Indonesian specialties. They instead prefer to cultivate the food they will consume by steamed and boiled. Even many also cultivate the food by baking in a frying pan without oil and stir-fried with a little oil used. While for other foods that are fried and baked in the oven, they are very avoided.

The benefits of healthy food processing such as boiled and steamed are very much for the body. One of them is being able to maintain weight in numbers that are always ideal. Enjoy processed food that is boiled and steamed is certainly an easy thing, because basically Japanese women love the raw food. In addition, they also use fish oil that contains omega 3 fatty acids into the stir that they consume, so it remains healthy and slim.

4 Secrets, Japanese rice

japanese rice

Japanese women's slimmer secret Diet is in terms of consuming rice. Many Japanese who prefer red rice as friends eat everyday instead of white rice. Red rice containing fiber remains the main choice for Japanese people. To note is that rice consumed by Japanese is very little portion so it remains safe to diet in order to keep its body. By consuming red rice, they can reduce snacks and sweet foods that might be consumed when their stomach is hungry.

Secret 5, Japanese woman likes brunch but healthy

healthy brunch

In addition to Indonesian women who like it once snacking, Japanese women also like to snacking. Then, how well they stay slim and healthy? This turns out she is the secret of slim Japanese women who haven't yet many people know. They really like brunch, but in very small quantities. And of course, it's not a fried, they prefer cookies as their own. such as rice cracker, rice bean cake, ice cream, pastry and chocolate.

Secret 6, healthy Japanese women's breakfast

traditional Japanese breakfast

In addition to choosing healthy food consumed, Japanese women are also very aware of the importance of breakfast in the morning.

breakfast menu

They even consume a healthy breakfast in larger portions when compared to dinner and lunch.


For breakfast, a classic Japanese style menu is Miso Soup :

A bowl of red rice

Green Tea




A slice of grilled fish


You can try the food menu at the moment of breakfast in the morning as the secret slim and the braid women slim Diet recipe that is worth your time to be able to maintain the ideal body weight, slim and as a way to lose weight healthily.

Secret 7, Japanese woman loves to walk

they love to walk

In addition to a guarded breakfast menu, the secrets of slim Japanese women's next style are that Japanese people really like to walk. For them, having a luxury vehicle like your own car is something in fact. This they prefer by taking public transportation such as trains, buses, and other public transportation. Then using a car can also drain a lot of is usually, so that they will walk to the station as a way to do it. How, are you ready not in this way?

Secret 8, Japanese women's relationship with food is very healthy

healthy food is their habit

The view of Japanese women's food is not one of their diets. Unlike most women or people who want to once lose new weight want to touch healthy food. The habit of Japanese women precisely prefers healthy food because this can make their bodies slim, healthy, youthful and long life. In this way is a form of their habit to keep the body in order to get more durable health. But they do not restrict the food they consume by selecting the menu-that's all, instead they often serve a variety of food with interesting variations so they don’t get tired of enjoying healthy food processed every day.

Thus, the secret slim Japanese woman Ala can be your example. That's the question now, are you ready to emulate these 8 Japanese women's slim Diet recipes? It is actually very simple and certainly everyone can do it, the origin of the intention of the heart wants to live healthy and slim. So, wait no more, if at this time you guys can do some healthy habits from now, why wait tomorrow, the day after, next week, next month or at other days again? Ask yourself, how much your intention to live healthy.

Hopefully the diet recipe that we share can be useful. And don't forget to keep sports so your body needs are more balanced.

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