Benefit A Glass Of Hot Water

by Linda Hallman

benefit a glass of hot water

Some people prefer to drink cold water. Even if you drink warm water every day, can bring positive effect to your health.

Ranging from digestive health, organs, and also good for dental health. Though drinking warm water is very simple. You can get it very easily without having to buy and spend a fee.

But to avoid harm, you need to know the temperature of warm water is recommended. We recommend consuming warm water at 38-40 degrees Celsius. Don't drink water that temperature above 48 degrees Celsius.

1. Overcoming Wits of Achalasia

overcoming wits of achalasia

Achalasia is a condition where the esophagus have difficulty pushing food to the stomach. People with Achalasia usually have difficulty swallowing and sometimes feel like there is food stuck in the esophagus.

Warm water is believed to be able to help people with wits to digest food more comfortably. Moreover, when eating oily foods and eating meat that is fiber or hard to digest, hot water is very helpful for food travel in the esophagus.

2. Warm water has a faster hydration effect

warm water has a faster hydration effect

Drinking warm water after eating is also very good. Warm water has a faster hydration effect. Water temperature can help emulsifier fats and make food more digestible.

3. Preventing Insomnia

preventing insomnia

Getting used to consume warm water before bedtime in addition can improve blood circulation, warm water can also help you relax and sleep faster because the body you feel more warm and calm.

4. Detox means

detoxify from hot water

Warm water is the right intermediary to help your body to detoxify. When drinking warm water, your body temperature starts to increase and finally sweating. As we know, Sweat is one of the signs that detoxification is running.

5. Help lose weight

helping to lose weight

The benefit of this first warm water is certainly glad tidings for you who are planning a strict diet. Drinking warm water can't only lift the body temperature so as to accelerate the metabolism, but this fluid is also calorie-free.

6. Detoxify the body

detoxify the body

Not many people know that warm water is a magical herb that can remove toxins or poisons through urine and sweat from the body. You can add lemon juice or honey to a healthy flavor enhancer.

7. Facilitate digestive processes

facilitate digestive processes

Drinking warm water during a meal can help accelerate the gastrointestinal process. In addition, drinking warm water when the stomach is still empty can also increase gastric movements and prevent constipation.

8. Prevents premature aging

prevents premature aging

In addition to facilitate the discharge of toxins from the body, the benefits of warm water can also improve skin elasticity so as to keep the symptoms of premature aging such as dry, wrinkle, and black stained skin.

9. Relieves fever and cough symptoms

relieves fever and cough symptoms

Water in the body can dilute phlegm and relieve breathing. The itching and pain in the throat can also reduce the drinking of warm water.

10. Avoid illness

avoid illness

Boiling water can kill the germs contained in it so that various diseases can also be avoided. Especially drunk while warm, it will benefit other warm water as we discuss here.

11. Hydrating Workouts

hydrating workouts

After exercise, the body needs to be rehydrate. But not only hydrate, warm water can also restore the vitamins and minerals that are lost from the body by maintaining an electrochemical balance. In addition, drinking warm water post-workout is able to accelerate the process of burning calories in the body.

12. Improve sleep quality

improve sleep quality

Sipping warm water during dinner or before bedtime, not only can smooth digestion, but also cleanse the body of toxins. This makes the body more relaxed and fast to sleep. Not only that, you won't get hungry when midnight arrives and will feel fresher the next day.

13. Blood circulation

blood circulation

When a glass of warm water flows into the body, the fat deposits and toxins are scraped out and removed from the body. In addition to improving blood circulation, the risk of illness associated with blockage of blood vessels will be reduced.

14. Protects the body from infections

protects the body from infections

Not only skin cells that benefit from warm water, but can also detoxify the surface of the skin. If the face is breakouts or the scalp is dandruff, drink at least 8 glasses of warm water every day so that the pores are no longer clogged.

15. Relieve nasal congestion

relieve nasal congestion

The warm steam from hot water can help relieve headaches due to nasal congestion. Use the steam to relieve nasal congestion and because we have mucous membranes in the neck, drinking warm water can prevent mucosa to be formed. 4. Relieve the nervous system drinking warm water can help relieve the central nervous system and lubricating our bodies. With the optimal functioning of the nervous system, our body functions will run well and at least from the pain.

16. Reduces menstrual pain

reduces menstrual pain

One of the main benefits of drinking warm water is to help reduce menstrual cramps. Warm water can bring a soothing effect and relieve the abdominal muscles by reducing the spasms and cramps that are commonly experienced when menstruating women.

17. If you're feeling stressed,

relieves stressed

Drinking warm water can gently damper it. Drinking warm water can make the muscles relax so that the hormone levels of cortisol (the cause of stress) decreases.

18. Get rid of faster spicy flavors

get rid of faster spicy flavors

Why is that when the pediness will disappear more quickly if we drink warm water?

The sensation of spicy flavor in the can of foods using chili beans, its chemical compounds named Capsaicin. This compound will dissolve in hot water, then after drinking warm water when the pediness you will feel more comfortable and gradually the effect of the sword will be lost.

While drinking cold water, it feels good but the spicy flavor still persists.

19. Preventing sensitive teeth

preventing sensitive teeth

Warm water is better for teeth and restorations, and is more readily absorbed. Warm water is considered as a safe temperature for the teeth and can provide comfort so you avoid sensitive teeth.

Extreme temperatures that are too cold can be detrimental to dental health.

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