Best Herbs In The World

by Linda Hallman

1. Parsley


This is the so-called parsley leaves. Apparently, this leaf is one type of spice that is a typical Western spice. This leaf has a mild scent, unlike mint leaves. Apart from being a garnish, parsley is usually used for a mixture of salads or other European cuisine.

2. Basil


If this one leaf is similar to basil leaves. The Aroma and taste is really fresh. In the market there are basil in the form of fresh or dry. Usually this leaf is used as an addition in pasta dishes, soups, salads, fish, chicken, and others.

3. Mint


Mint leaves have a fragrant and fresh scent, like the mint candies that we commonly eat, ladies. The cool and fresh flavor of mint leaves is derived from the content of the menthol compound. Usually mint leaves are used as a garnish for sweet food or can also be used as tea.

4. Tarragon


Some people are also sure to know there are Western herbs that are called tarragon. The leaf shape is long and flattened. It smells sharp and gives a very distinctive aroma. This leaf is believed to improve the taste of all types of cuisine, ranging from processed eggs and even seafood. Usually the tarragon leaves are chopped to be mixed into mayonnaise so it tastes more delicious.

5. Rosemary


The aroma of rosemary is very distinctive, so by using it a little smell of food such as goat or fishy fish will be reduced. Rosemary can be used in powder or fresh form. In addition to goat and fish, rosemary can also be for duck, chicken, and turkey dishes in the BBQ.

6. Oregano


If you are a pizza fan would have been familiar with the color of this leaf. Because oregano is a characteristic pizza topping. Besides making pizza, oregano is also widely served with other Italian food such as pasta, soup, salad, and steak. If the market is sold in the form of dry or still fresh powder.

7. Dill


The leaves are long-form and smooth-smooth. The aroma can be believed to remove the fishy smell of seafood dishes. In addition to seafood, dill is also commonly used to make pickles, salads, and soups. The aroma of dill will have a stronger aroma when you use it in fresh conditions.

8. Thyme


Usually you will see these thyme leaves used in the food videos that are on social media. The shape is similar to parsley. So, thyme leaves are widely used for seasonings when roasting meat like chicken, beef, or seafood. It is by soaking the ingredients into liquid seasoning that has been given additional thyme solution and other spices. Use thyme also when making yes broth so that the aroma can be more fragrant.

9. Marjoram


Marjoram is shaped like oregano. Only if Marjoram had a wider leaf. Usually marjoram is used for a mixture of tomato sauce and soup. Marjoram plants are believed to have originated in the Mediterranean. You have to go to a large supermarket and go to the typical European spices section to get this marjoram. Usually Marjoram is sold in bottled and dry.

10. Saffron


If in Asia ordinary use turmeric, abroad there is a natural yellow dye named saffron. The shape is like yarn, dry, and red. The smell is also very special. Usually saffron is sold at an expensive price. Saffron itself is actually the crocus flower, which is one of the flowers in Greece.

11. Sage


In cooking, sage leaves are commonly used in both fresh and dry conditions. It tastes a bit spicy and somewhat bitter with a typical fragrant Roman. The grilled dish will be more fragrant if coupled with the sprinkles of sage leaves. In Italy, Sage leaves are often used as a sprinkling of minestrone soup or osso Bucco meat dish. Cottage cheese also becomes more delicious by adding the spice sage inside.

The seafood sautéed or poultry dish also becomes more fragrant and has its sweet aroma if it’s added to this leaf. Because the aroma is fragrant, sage leaves are also often a sprinkling of sauces, in the dry into sage tea and the oil is distilled in the raw material of perfume.

In addition to cooking spices, sage leaves also contain essential oils and other active substances. This substance acts as a drug, such as curing snake bites, improving fertility, as an antibiotic and is diuretic or a smooth urination.

12. Cilantro


Coriander seeds and coriander leaves are one of the spices commonly used in cuisines around the world.

Coriander leaves have a similar shape to celery leaves and parsley. However, the three are actually different.

If the leaves of celery and parsley feel fresher, coriander leaves have a citrus-like flavor. There is also a saying that the flavor of celery leaves is like eating soaps!

Why so?

Apparently, the flavor of celery leaves on everyone's tongue can be influenced by genetic factors. So, what do you feel like?

These are the various herbs or spices commonly used in Western cuisine, ladies. If you are planning to cook Western-style cuisine, make sure the spices above you have prepared yes. Of course so that the cuisine is more delicious and savory, as well as authentic as the original!

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