Danger Of Morning Sleep

by Linda Hallman

danger of morning sleep

Do you include the type of person with a sleeping pattern like an owl, i.e. awake at night and sleep in the morning? If so, you should stop the habit because there is a danger of morning sleep that you should be wary of.

Sleep plays an important role for your overall body health. Adults normally need 7-8 hours of sleep per day so that the body's metabolism back can work well when you wake up.

Getting a quality sleep will make your mental, physical, and quality of life improve. Conversely, the duration of sleep that is less coupled with poor sleep quality will make you vulnerable to a variety of ailments.

Danger of morning sleep due to staying

morning sleep

Ideally, the recommended sleep start time is between 20.00 and 24.00, and waking up when your 7-8-hour sleep needs are met. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. Sometimes, you are required to sleep in the middle of the night for various reasons so that the new eye can close in the morning.

This condition will roughly affect the biological hours of yourself. Although each person's biological clock is different, generally humans will be sleepy when the day is dark because that's when your eyes send signals to the brain to produce more melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy.

As the sun rises, melatonin production will be reduced so you feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning. If your eyes are not closed at night, these biological clocks will be interrupted so that you experience sleep deprivation.

The morning sleep is actually good, as long as it is done once in a while to fill holes in your sleep duration. It's just that, if you are constantly staying up and against your own biological clocks, then don't be surprised if you experience the danger of sleeping the following morning:

Being often bad mood

being often bad mood

If you sleep less than six hours overnight, chances are you will be prone to bad mood and are often upset the next day. When this lack of sleep lasts for long periods, its not unlikely that you will experience excessive anxiety until depression.



The study mentions that the danger of sleeping in the morning due to lack of sleep at night has a greater risk of type 2 diabetes. This is due to changes in biological clocks that also lead to changes in the body's metabolism, especially regarding the way the body processes glucose (sugar) into energy.

Heart disease

heart disease

Countering biological clocks can also result in a faster heartbeat. This condition results in higher blood pressure to the heart while increasing the level of certain chemical substances in the body resulting in internal inflammation.

Decreased sexual arousal

stay up

It is often a morning sleep because staying up at night proves to have a lower libido than normal. The danger of this morning's sleep applies to both men and women.

Lowering fertility rates

lowering fertility rates

If you don’t have offspring, it can be both related. A study revealed that lack of sleep can reduce the production of reproductive hormones in men and women resulting in decreased fertility rates.

Danger of early morning sleep due to hypersomnia


Aside from staying up, sleeping in the morning can also happen when you are sleepy even if you don't sleep late at night. This condition is often referred to as Hypersomnia aka feeling sleepy almost during the day or excessive sleep duration.

For people suffering from hypersomnia, sleeping in the morning is also considered a disorder that is not uncommon to be cured with medical help. Because this condition can cause the sufferer to experience excessive anxiety, not powerful, and difficult to remember.

The danger of morning sleep because Hypersomnia is the same as the sleeping pattern is essentially also disturbing the biological clock. You may be exposed to diabetes, depression, heart disease, even to death.

Not infrequently, people who like to sleep with excessive sleep duration (more than 9-10 hours per day) will experience obesity and back pain. Other excessive morning sleep hazards are headaches because these sleep patterns affect serotonin hormone production in the brain.

The dangers of morning sleep won't you feel when your sleep patterns are organized. If you have already experienced the sleep pattern irregularities, its not too late to restore the pattern gradually. If necessary, ask your doctor for advice to improve your sleep patterns.

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