How To Make Black Garlic

by Linda Hallman

how to make black garlic

One of the food ingredients that are trending today is the Black Garlic. Maybe the Garlic is a type of garlic that is alien to you.

Unlike garlics or garlic, garlic is not a completely black type of garlic. Garlic is actually a garlic that has been passed through the process of decompression until its black, but not overcook.

Known to have many health benefits, unfortunately the Black Garlic is still not widely sold in the market. In addition, the price is relatively expensive if you buy it.

how to make

Therefore, you can make yourself at home using the Magic jar or rice cooker.

using magic jar or rice cooker

First, collect garlic without having to remove it one by one.

Then clean the dirt from garlic using a dry coarse sponge.

Keep in mind, don't wash or moisten the garlic to remove its sauce. Because it will only interfere with the cooking process.

Turn on the Magic jar and set it to warm.

If you use a rice cooker, just turn it on without pressing the button into the cooking mode.

Give the base of the magic jar using food tissue as much as 2 to 3 sheets.

Put the garlic on it and give room for each garlic to not be too tightly.

Mask back the top of the garlic using a few layers of food tissue and lid. Leave it in this state for 2-3 weeks.

Check the Magic jar or rice cooker occasionally to ensure that the settings are still lit “warm" instead of "cook " or instead turned off.

After 2 weeks, check the state of garlic.

checking the state of garlic

You can pick up an garlic and cut it horizontally to make sure that the garlic is completely black. Also check the default saturation rate.

If the garlic is still too mushy, Moms can add to this process until the next few days. The elasticity of the Black garlic that is ready is when the garlic is no longer mushy but also not dry.

black garlic

After getting the right level of black garlic, save the black garlic inside the dry and covered container. Garlic can last up to 3 months and is used in a variety of cuisines.

the benefit of black garlic

Good luck Moms!

Note :

Although garlic is not cooked, there will be strong garlic odor during this ongoing process.

For that you are advised to do so by the window or on the porch behind the house so that the smell doesn't fill the house.

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