Myriad Of Cilantro Benefits

by Linda Hallman

Although it’s often included in a meal such as a Tom Yum, or curry dish, but coriander leaves have health benefits that we may not have known.

Coriander leaves have a sharp and pungent aroma. However, coriander leaves also to be processed into essential oil which can provide relaxation.

The benefits of coriander leaves


Here are some benefits of coriander leaves for health that need to be known!

1. Nourish the eyes

nourish the eyes

Coriander leaves are full of vitamin C, which helps to form and preserve connective tissues, such as collagen, in the cornea of the eye. In addition, coriander leaves keep the blood vessels strong and flexible.

Another beneficial nutrient in coriander leaves is beta carotene. It is a natural pigment found in various vegetable foods, which the body uses to make vitamin A.

2. Overcoming food poisoning

food poisoning

The benefits of coriander leaves are not only to treat infections, but can also prevent its spread.

Food poisoning disease caused by salmonella, listeria, and cholera is still a major health problem.

Consuming cilantro leaves regularly can avoid food poisoning. "Coriander leaves can detox the body and have antibacterial effects to fight food poisoning, " said a nutritional expert from Nashville, Jenny Beth Kroplin, RD, LDN.

3. Preventing heart disease

preventing heart disease

Heart disease becomes the number one killer in the world. Every year, there are about 610,000 lives drifting from heart disease. This equals 1 out of 4 deaths.

Well, one of the benefits of fresh coriander leaves is able to fight heart disease. Reported from the study of the Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, the extract of coriander leaves is diuretic, which helps the body to release sodium and excess water, thereby lowering blood pressure.

4. Assisting irregular menstruation

irregular menstruation problem

Coriander, both seed and leaf, have long been used as a home remedy for menstrual problems.

This is because coriander helps regulate the function of endocrine glands, as well as hormones involved in menstruation. Thus, it can stimulate menstrual flow.

In addition, the benefits of coriander leaves can also help relieve cramps and bloating that may be experienced each month.

You can drink a few glasses of freshly squeezed coriander juice or infuse water coriander with a little squeezing of lime and bee-pollen honey.

5. Protecting the nervous system and brain

removing toxins

Coriander leaves can be very helpful in removing harmful toxins from the body. Especially with regards to the brain and nervous system.

The buildup of toxic substances is very related to neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's.

A study conducted by the Faculty of Medicine University Technology MARA, found that coriander increased memory and assisted Alzheimer's disease.

6. Maintain healthy skin

maintain healthy skin

Coriander plants are known to contain antiseptic, anti-fungal, detoxifying, and antioxidant properties that can protect the skin from fungal infections, dryness, and eczema.

Coriander leaves are also known to contain linolenic, an antioxidant compound that can prevent the body from varying infections. These compounds help keep the skin from inflammation and keep the skin bright.

7. Keep strong bones

keep strong bones

Coriander has a rich source of calcium. This makes the proper coriander used to maintain bone health.

As known, calcium plays an important role in keeping bones healthy and preventing osteoporosis.

8. Anti fungus

anti fungus

The effect of essential oils derived from the leaves of C. Sativum on Candida albicans which is yeast and is a common cause of infection in humans. The experts also concluded that the coriander leaves oil does have anti-fungal properties.

9. Poison Detox

poison detox

Coriander leaves have been shown to bind toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, lead and mercury and eliminate them from the body. Consuming cilantro can accelerate the removal of heavy metals from the body.

10. Reduce anxiety

cilantro juice cleanse with lime

Coriander leaves help calm the nerves and improve sleep quality. This is derived from the natural sedative properties in it. High-level cilantro extracts produce the same anti-anxiety effects with sedative prescription medications.

11. Lower blood sugar levels

lower blood sugar levels

The leaves and trunk have been shown to help lower blood sugar levels. Coriander leaves support healthy liver function and balance blood sugar.

Having high blood sugar levels is the risk factor of type 2 diabetes. Both coriander seeds and leaves, this plant can help reduce blood sugar levels.

12. Prevents cancer

prevents cancer

The 2019 reaction tube study examined the effects of C. Sativum extract on prostate cancer cells. Researchers found that coriander leaves reduced the expression of specific genes in cancer cells. Thus, prostate cancer cells become less invasive, indicating characteristics that mean they won't spread rapidly.

In other reaction tube studies, stem extracts, roots, and C. sativum leaves exhibit anticancer effects against human breast cancer cells and inhibit cell damage due to oxidative stress.

13. Prevents kidney stones

prevents kidney stones

Coriander leaves serve as a natural diuretic that is beneficial to secrete more urine. Coriander leaves are also able to detox your kidneys so as to prevent it from kidney stone disease.

14. Prevent Urinary tract infections

Cilantro antibacterial compounds can potentially help keep the urinary tract healthy and free of unhealthy bacteria. There are many factors that can contribute to urinary tract infections, including bacterial growth, sexual activity, genetics or diabetes.

wonderful benefits of cilantro

15. Helps cure arthritis

The anti-inflammatory properties in the coriander leaves help arthritis patients to reduce swelling of the joints. In addition coriander leaves are also able to cure rheumatoid.

Although coriander leaves have a variety of benefits, you also need to be careful with the resulting side effects. The use of excess coriander leaves can cause allergic reactions.

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