Pagoda Mustard Greens Beautiful Rich Benefits

by Linda Hallman

pagoda mustard green

Pagoda Mustard Greens is tempting, but the shape of the leaves is interesting and a glimpse of the spherical green colored balls.

Pagoda Mustard Greens is one model of mustard that has a unique leaf shape. The leaves are convex and many circular when viewed from above. In addition, the leaves also appear wavy prominently on its surface.

This model of mustard is rarely found in the market. Although there are also Indonesian farmers who cultivate it, only the spread is not as much as other types of mustard.

Pagoda Mustard Greens has several synonyms of name: Tatsoi and Ta Ki Cai. Sounds like the name of Japanese and Chinese because it is essentially a vegetable plant of Mustard Greens or vegetable sure named Brassica was originally popular in the East Asian countries, especially China.

Pagoda Mustard Greens is also commonly referred to as the Pagoda vegetable course, with no frills name of the mustard greens.

Benefits and Efficacy Pagoda Mustard Greens

The benefits of Pagoda Mustard Greens for health there are many.

Among them contain vitamin B complex which is a group of vitamin B, which consists of Niacin, folic acid, and Ribovlafin.

pagoda mustard consumption

By consuming vegetables rich in Vitamin B complex is believed you will have a fit body.

Below we have presented a list of Pagoda Mustard Greens benefits for Health:

1. Vegetable Protein content for muscle growth

vegetable protein for muscle

The protein contained in the vegetable pagoda is a model of vegetable protein. Which is believed to be able to support your body in terms of raising lean muscle mass. Indeed, so far in the Rangsa to build a body shape we often get knowledge that animal proteins are more mercilessly raising muscles. However, in fact, vegetable proteins are no less efficacious.

2. Rich in iron

rich in iron

Iron is also contained in the mustard Greens Pagoda. Since planting the means of this vegetable is indeed a soil rich with nutrients such as iron. When you get adequate nutritional intake, the body will respond to strength. You will not feel weak and tired anymore, because the blood becomes rich in oxygen and energy.

3. Contains Selenium

Selenium serves to help maximize the work of hormones and enzymes contained within the human body. The benefits of Pagoda Mustard Greens are able to supply selenium into your body.

4. Lowering cholesterol

If you are a cholesterol person, there is no harm in trying the efficacy of the Pagoda Mustard Greens so potent to lower the cholesterol in the blood. You become so mild later in body. No more aches due to cholesterol stacks.

5. Improve Body Metabolism

Metabolism is a process of nutrient absorption of food that is digested by humans. This process is also considered to be energy burning, converting food substances into energy. In order to make your metabolism run smoothly, you should provide a good intake of vegetable pagoda nutrients.

6. Contains Beta carotene

Beta carotene is a variant of vitamin A. By eating vegetables that contain vitamin A beta carotene, then your eyeballs become clear white, no longer dull. Your eye view will sparkle. The efficacy of Pagoda Mustard Greens can supply this beta carotene to the body.

7. Moisturize Skin

The content of Vitamin A and abundant water on Pagoda Mustard Greens is believed to moisturize your skin. In the end, the skin is free from shattered, dry, coarse, and old types of disorders.

8. Helping the work of the spine in producing blood cells

Red blood cells are produced in the spine's sum. The benefit of Pagoda Mustard Greens is to contain good folic acid to deliver blood production in bone sum.

9. Banish the growth of cancer cells

Glucosinolic acid found in Pagoda Mustard Greens is believed to be true as an anti-cancer protein. If you eat it regularly, you will be freed from the cancer cells.

10. Accelerate blood clotting when the body is injured

The presence of vitamin K in the Pagoda Mustard Greens is very beneficial because it can accelerate the process of blood freeze. So, if you get injured, it will quickly dry its wound

11. Preventing Premature Aging

12. Smooth Digestion

13. Make blood flow smooth

14. Reducing the risk of cervical cancer

15. Overcoming Gard

16. Prevents Heartburn

17. Relieves pain

18. Lowers Fever

19. Treating Inflammation

20. Strengthens bones and teeth

21. Prevents tooth loss

22. Prevents tooth buffer damage

23. Improves Brain performance

24. Soothing the tense nervous system

25. Stabilize the Bad Mood

26. Helps Treat Goiter

pagoda for relieve

In the pagoda content has a salt content, where there is an excellent iodine working on the goiter. So, if you have a goiter, the pagoda assists your treatment process.

27. Plays Diuretic

In the human body requires an anti-inflammatory substance that helps to shed diuretic. This helps maintain the body's stability and health.

28. Reduces Swelling

The benefits of vegetable pagoda also have efficacy to reduce inflammation. Swelling will be prolonged if not assisted by substances capable of reducing inflammation or swelling. At its roots there is a efficacy capable of destroying frozen blood. Indirectly, this way speeds up healing.

29. As a Wound Cooler

The content in the pagoda roots is cooling. This part does give its own sensation, the taste is cold. So widely used as an anti-inflammatory to reduce the severity of disease.

30. Good for Insomnia Sufferers

The pagoda's roots provide comfort and cool circumstances. This provides the comfort and the rigor of the individual body. So, they are easier to sleepy, and slumber.

The way is:

Take the pagoda flowers to taste

Then mash or puree, the pie becomes a powder

If it has become a powder, just take a spoon and mix it on the sweet wine

Stir well and in consumption at night before bedtime

31. Treating TB

The pagoda roots also have the efficacy of treating lung TUBERCULOSIS. Its womb is able to neutralize anti-inflammatory inflammation or not good for the lungs.

32. Treating Hemorrhoids

Bleeding and bloody hemorrhoids are also able to be cured by using pagoda roots. The resultant anti-inflammatory efficacy is also potent to treat this disease.

The way is:

Take the pagoda flowers to taste

Clean Wash Pagoda Flowers

Mix with the intestines of boiled beef

Once cooked, the intestines are fed as a side dish, while the pagoda's floral gravy drinking

33. Good for anemia sufferers

For people with anemia, pagoda flowers are very good to use as healers. Because it has efficacy as a red blood cell enhancer or erythrocytes are in production through hemoglobin.

34. Good for Whitish Sufferers

For people with whiteness consume pagoda flowers quite in the suggest. Because the effect is able to help kill bad bacteria. Anti-bacterial content helps to clean your Miss V part.

35. Treating Scab and Ulcers

Skin Inflammation and ulcers quickly heal with the benefits of vegetable pagoda on the leaves and flowers. The efficacy of anti-inflammation that produces can accelerate wound recovery and help Homeostatic. The way is:

pagoda mustard green juice

Leaves and flowers are taken to taste

Wash until clean

Pounded or milled until smooth

Add with Honey

Stir until blended

Attach to the wound until dry

How to process vegetable Pagoda, The processing of pagoda flower roots is quite simple, namely:

Take the pagoda flower roots sufficiently

Wash it until it is clean

Boiled with 400 cc water

Wait until boiling

Use it as a beverage two to three times a day

Hopefully the article is beneficial. Happy reading!

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