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by Linda Hallman

stomach acid

Stomach acid is a health problem that people often experience. If this is the case, patients are commonly overcome by taking gastric acid medication. However, there are other more natural ways to cope with excess gastric acid. Recommended gastric acid antidote for the following you can consume. Its also very good.

Stomach acid can lead to death:

Surely some of you have heard of stomach acid disease. Diseases that invade the digestive tract are often called out because most people do experience it.

Gastric acid which is a hot liquid in the stomach consists of hydrochloric acid. Basically stomach acid is one of the substances to help digest the food to be easier when digested bowel. This substance will also hold the germs into the gastrointestinal tract because the germs will die so exposed to acidic substances.

When the health condition is not balanced, the stomach acid can rise out of the stomach. This is what then causes the chest to feel hot and the stomach feels nausea then vomiting. Even if allowed can lead to death.

It won't be immediately deadly, but it can make other organ complications on the body. Then it will attack the heart and stroke and bleeding and infection that ends in death if it is already very chronic.

Some of the symptoms are stomach feeling heartburn with a bright eye view dark. Next the body will be as cold as ice and feeling so panicked.

What we consume and the lifestyle that we live is very influential in the rising factor of gastric acid. Eating too much fried food, fatty foods, chocolates, coffee, and alcoholic beverages can make stomach acids up.

Gastric acid causes:

1. Less vitamins and minerals

vitamin and mineral

The main cause of this stomach acid problem is the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. To maintain the balance of gastric acid, vitamins and minerals are needed.

In addition, other gastric acid triggers are consuming too much fiber foods. Indeed, food contains good fiber for the body but if too excessive even can make the production of stomach acid increased.

2. Diet Too Tight

diet too tight

The body that hoards excess fats is uncomfortable. You feel less confident in your appearance. Therefore, sometimes many people do the diet. However, since it wants to quickly get a slim body, the diet that is done is sometimes too strict. Its not good also to do.

A Diet that is extreme, limiting the body to eat some food remains dangerous. Despite the diet, body nutrients should still be preferred, yes. Nutritional and mineral intake and vitamins are required to stay awake. Thus the stomach acid is guaranteed not to be close to you even if you are on a diet.

3. Excessive consumption of alcohol

excessive with alcohol

Another cause of gastric acid problem is the habit of drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcohol causes inflammation of the stomach. In addition, gastric acid will also increase. This is what enlarges the risk of someone suffering from chronic ulcer disease.

4. Bacterial infections

bacterial infections

Less regular diet can make the ulcer appear. But there is another NIH, which makes the ulcer relapse is a bacteria named Helicon bacteria Pylori. It was found by Australian physicians from Nobel Laureates Robin Warren and Barry Marshall. They examine the stomach and find the cause of gastric acid as well as its proper way of treatment.

The lining of the stomach wall can be damaged and inflamed due to this one bacteria. Inflammation of the stomach is called gastritis. Don't be surprised if the stomach feels sore and also bloated. H Pyori bacteria can cause cancer other than ulcer.

5. Lazy Eating and irregular

lazy eating and irregular

Although the diet is not until you miss the meal hours. Lazy feeding can be a major trigger for stomach acid. If you have missed a meal and sour stomach rush, it is not a appetite and the stomach acid is getting worse.

Don't make the stomach empty too long. As the stomach is empty it will still remove acidic substances to help digest food. But because there is no food digestible, then stomach acid rises to the esophagus. Let's start eating regularly on the clock.

Here are 10 drinks that you can consume when you are exposed to stomach acid,

1. Carrot Juice

carrot juice

Beverages in the form of carrot juice has high efficacy to overcome stomach acid. There is a natural alkali component that can neutralize excess gastric acid. In addition, carrots containing many nutrients are also good for making other body parts healthier in their eyes.

Prepare 2 carrots and peel and clean in flowing water. Next cut it into 5 parts and then blend until smooth. To make the flavor and aroma more delicious, you can add honey to this drink. Drink carrot juice 2 times a day to meet your daily nutritional needs.

2. Milk


Animal Protein in the form of milk is a little difficult to digest. This is because calcium in milk can stimulate gastric acid discharge. Nevertheless, do not stop drinking milk because this drink is very rich in vitamins and also protein for the body.

Before drinking milk you are required to drink water first. In addition, eat enough carbohydrates so that the stomach acid can move together in digesting the incoming carbohydrates and also the incoming milk.

If you don't like to drink milk, patients with stomach acids can also consume yogurt that is also processed from milk. This is because its flavor will not stimulate acid production of excess stomach.

3. Hot Ginger

hot ginger

Ginger is a natural spice that many benefits to the body. Commonly used as a beverage to relieve various kinds of stomach problems that occur. It can also be tablets, so sour stomach. Ginger has a gastro protective effect that can inhibit acid and suppress the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria.

Consume warm ginger routinely to help reduce the risk of gastric acid rise. Warm ginger will also stimulate saliva production and clean the acid that is in the esophagus. In addition, warm ginger can make you more excited because the condition of stomach and stomach is comfortable. Drink in the morning or evening to make the body more fit and comfortable.

4. Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea

As long as many have believed chamomile as a super herb to cope with stomach problems and also health. This flower is processed into tea to be easier to consume. Chamomile tea can soothe the inflammation wounds that occur in the stomach.

This high tea product is a polyphenol antioxidant that can remove free radicals from the body. The chamomile tea is low in caffeine too. This which makes chamomile tea quickly and effectively can cope with stomach acid.

In addition to consuming chamomile tea 3 times a day can be believed to strengthen the body's immune system while reducing stress conditions. You can get a chamomile tea ready for brewing at a nearby mini-market.

5. Coconut water

coconut water

The naturally occurring isotonic of coconut water can reduce the feeling of discomfort due to gastric acid being rising. Consumption of coconut water can routinely make stomach disorders major stomach acids so reduced. There are various fibers and enzymes in coconut water that can relieve stomach acid pain.

When drinking coconut water can be ensured the pH of acid in our body will become alkaline. This makes the body can produce mucus that can protect the body from the negative effects of too much stomach acid in the stomach. Food digestion process can be more smooth with you routinely consume coconut water.

Drink a glass of pure coconut without sugar 30 minutes after meals. This can make your stomach acid normal and you can be ready to get your activity back.

6. Papaya Juice

papaya Juice

This orange-colored oval fruit contains a lot of good vitamins for the body. Rich in potassium and minerals, papaya also contains foliate and amino acids as well as food fiber sufficient for the body. Enzymes in papaya even efficacious help the body easier in digesting food. Papaya contains enzyme pa-pain that can control gastric acid.

Consume papaya fruit regularly to get millions of benefits. You can also make it juice so that it tastes more delicious. This juice can relieve ulcer where the stomach is injured.

7. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

This easy-to-grow plant has a lot of benefits. There are vitamins and folic acid in aloe Vera. Usually this plant is used as a face mask material or for fertility of hair.

But there are other benefits NIH, from Aloe vera. Namely to relieve symptoms uncomfortable in the stomach. In Aloe Vera there is a saponins substance that can make the healing of gastric inflammation faster.

Let's immediately make the Aloe Vera juice full of efficacy. You need to prepare some sprigs of aloe and take the meat. Next, Wash aloe Vera meat thoroughly and cut into small pieces so that they are easily mashed. Puree with sugar and honey to taste. Drink this juice a quarter cup only at 30 minutes before meals.

Routinely consume aloe Vera juice can neutralize stomach acid. It also prevents gastric acid from increasing and makes the stomach feel more comfortable.

8. Banana Juice

banana juice

Banana fruit is easy to find at a very friendly price pouch. So there is no reason not to consume the rich fruit of this benefit, yes. This sweet banana fruit can prevent stomach acid rises and can even reduce the production of stomach acid. There is a high fiber content that can help the food process through the intestines.

When you start to feel there is a symptom of gastric acid, immediately consumption of this fruit. The stomach will return comfortably within 30 minutes later. You can also process them so that the juice is more comfortable to consume.

9. Apple juice

apple juice

Always provide the apple fruit in your house. Eating this fruit regularly can make your stomach acid so it subsides. Although it has an acidic taste, it can neutralize the acid in the stomach.

Apples also have special enzymes that can control the production of excess gastric acid in the body. By consuming cold apple juice directly can soothe the burning flavor in the chest and stomach due to gastric acid also overcoming discomfort in the esophagus and mouth caused by stomach acid.

Consume in the form of cold juice to taste more delicious in the throat and in the stomach. Let's quickly make apple juice rich of benefits.

10. Cucumber Juice

cucumber juice

Overcoming gastric acid can easily be done by taking the drug. But the drug contains chemicals that if too often consumed are also not good for the body. Therefore, there is no harm to you, if you choose to consume a more natural food and stomach acid prevention drink.

For example, juice of cucumber is delicious and fresh. This low fat fruit is a good nutrient content for digestion as well as stomach. Cucumber can also reduce pain due to excess gastric acid. So, let's make the juice of cucumber!

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