Terrible Consequences Of A Sowing Depression To Death

by Linda Hallman

terrible consequences of a sowing

Sleep is a natural resting condition experienced by humans and other animals that are very important for health. Every human being takes less than a third of their life time or about 6-8 hours a day. Sometimes people who sleep less than are determined should.

So what is the risk when it is done? Here are the explanations:

1. Learning capacity disorder

learning capacity disorder

For students and students or all who are running on a course then sleep deprivation can lead to a lack of cognitive ability. This is due to lack of sleep will make the brain less concentration, can not have a good memory, can not use the reason well and it is difficult to find a problem solution.

For people who are undergoing study, consequently can be very complex such as delay of graduation and decline of achievement. Sleep can make the brain experience a fun process such as increasing memory strength and storing memories.

2. Depression


Lack of sleep due to various causes it also cause severe depression. This is most common in people who have a habit of only sleeping for less than six hours per day.

The most commonly found symptom is such as excessive anxiety, becoming more sensitive, irritable and unhealthy body condition. Depression can cause various types of diseases including the heart and cancer.

3. Heart disease

heart disease

The heart system can essentially work well according to the body condition. If you have absolutely no heart defects or symptoms of heart disease, then the habit of sleep deprivation can cause heart problems. This is due to the vascular system and heart strength when pumping blood can not go well.

Some of the most common disorders are such as heart attack, heart failure, too fast heartbeat and irregular heartbeat. Poor heart conditions can also increase the risk of other diseases. So sleep enough will reduce the risk of health problems in the heart.

4. Impaired Mental function

impaired mental function

Mental function is very important to make the body and brain can work well. Adequate sleep will help to control mental functioning so as to prevent depression, impaired thoughts and excessive moody feelings. So if lack of sleep then the potential for mental disorders will also be higher.

This condition is often characterized by less concentration, easy emotion and irritability. If it happens to people who work then it can cause disruption to the job.

5. Death

complex disorder


Death can actually occur when the body is experiencing a very complex disorder. Disease complications due to sleep deprivation such as heart attack, high blood pressure, and diabetes can lead to death. Less sleep disorders will usually accumulate in a longer time although at the early stages often causes the body to become weaker. So it is better to sleep enough so the body can rest well.

That is the fifth risk if you do not sleep for 6-8 hours in a day that we have summarized, hopefully with the publication of this article, the reader becomes more cautious in keeping sleep hours and sleeping 6-8 hours in a day. Thanks.

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